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Initial Soreness
After the initial placement of braces or following an adjustment, the teeth may be tender for a couple of days.

This occasionally happens and will pass. An over the counter pain reliever such as Advil or Tylenol may be helpful in alleviating this initial soreness.

Mild Tooth Mobility
Occasionally one may notice mild tooth mobility. This is normal and makes sense when one realizes that as a tooth moves the bone around it becomes softer. After the tooth has moved to its correct position the bone around it recalcifies and becomes hard again.

Wire Poking
Early on in treatment as the teeth move, it is possible for the wire to protrude from the back brace. This problem can be solved by taking a nail clipper and snipping the wire as close as possible to the brace. If you cannot clip the wire, placing some wax on it will help to keep you comfortable.

Just as a wire may protrude from a brace early on in treatment it is possible for a wire to come out of a brace.

The solution to this problem is to simply reinsert the wire in the brace using a pair of tweezers or a needle nose plier.

Broken Brace
If a brace breaks off of a tooth it can be left there if it is not uncomfortable to you. If the brace does become bothersome the "O-tie" that holds it on can be removed with a pair of tweezers or an unbent paper clip. The most common cause of a broken brace is eating foods that are too hard or too sticky. Chewing on pens, pencils, or fingernails may also cause a broken brace. Regardless of how the brace broke please call our office during business hours to schedule an appointment to have the it repaired.

Broken Wire
Again, eating hard or sticky foods can cause a wire to break. If this happens take a pair of nail clippers and cut the wire as close as possible to the next brace it is attached to.

Tie has come off of a Brace
If a tie comes off of a brace all should be fine. Often times it can be replaced with a pair of tweezers. If this is not possible please call our office so we can set up a time for you to run in and have it replaced.

Expander is Loose
If an expander becomes loose we do not want you to activate it until you are seen. Usually the expander can be pushed back onto the tooth until you can get back into our office. Sticky foods are usually the cause of this.

Poking Wire Tie
Sometimes to secure the brace to the wire we twist a very small stainless steel ligature around it. Infrequently it is possible for the twisted end of the ligature to move and start to feel sharp. If this happens simply use a pencil eraser to gently push it into a comfortable position.

Sharpness Felt on the Tongue Side of a Brace
Occasionally the tongue side of a back brace may feel sharp. This may be caused by the rubber band attachment on the brace. To solve this problem take a spoon and push the rubber band attachment back in toward the brace.


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